From fun beauty items to smell-good favorites, I hope you are inspired by some of these feel-good gifts. I’m obsessed with beautiful scents that are fresh and captivating without overpowering a room (please no food-scented candles like chocolate souffle or spiced pumpkin – save those smells for cooking in the kitchen!)

I’m always struggling with gift giving – there are so many things to consider: How much should I spend? What will they like? Where should I shop? Will they use it? At the end of the day, it’s all about helping a friend or family member feel good : )

I curated these ideas based on items I use consistently or have given over the years. Besides the obvious gift giving holidays (birthday, Christmas, Mother’s day) – I love the idea of giving a gift out of the blue. Maybe someone has been going through a tough time or maybe someone did something nice for you…consider buying them a gift, it’s a win-win feel good opportunity!

I love the idea of giving feel-good gifts that can be used up and then discarded. I have limited storage in my house so I love when I can enjoy something and then toss it! Of course wine or alcohol is a solid staple but it’s such a nice surprise to give something unique and unexpected! So stock up on a few of these to have in a closet, ready to gift.

*Most product images will link to Neiman Marcus, I’ve included additional link for Nordstom if applicable.

Guerlain Meteorites | $64

Guerlain Meteorites are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and to even out skin tone. For me, I use the “light” color option. A trick I learned from my days at NM is to crumble 1-2 of the yellow meteorites for offsetting some of the redness I have in my skin tone. Certainly a fun, feel good gift!

@ Nordies: Guerlain Meteorites

Lancome Juicy Tubes | $20

I like the Lancome Juicy Tubes because there is no stick or wand for applying the gloss. The consistency of the gloss is smooth and there is just enough color for those of us who aren’t full-on lipstick people. Glosses are great gifts since most colors are light enough to be versatile for any skin tones!

@ Nordies: Lancome Juicy Tubes

CHANEL Rouge Coco Gloss | $32

I’ve been buying this gloss for as long as I can remember. So many fun colors available in this long-lasting gloss. There is no funny taste and it goes on super smooth with a felt applicator.

@ Nordies: CHANEL lipgloss

Byredo lotion | $43

Someone once said if it doesn’t come in a metal tube, it’s useless! This hand lotion is the bomb. Not only does it smell amazing, it is so hydrating and creamy. It doesn’t take much to coat the hands so it lasts a long time!

@ Nordies: Byredo Lotion

Molton Brown Bath & Shower Gel | $32

I don’t even know how to describe how this smells but it’s fantastic. Clean, fresh, a little perfume-y all blended to perfection. Who doesn’t love treating yourself to a bubble bath every once in a while – you deserve it! Plus it can be used as a simple shower gel too.

@ Amazon: Molton Brown Bath Gel

Molton Brown Body Lotion | $42

See above – if you have a bigger budget ($75-ish), combine with the shower gel! I say either one makes a great gift on its own though.

@ Amazon: Molton Brown Lotion

fresh Hand-milled Soap | $15

I’m so sad that my favorite fragrance for this soap is not available right now – Citron de Vigne – if you ever see it in a store BUY IT! It’s smells amazing. I assume that the other fragrances are wonderful. I’m old school and like bar soap – this makes a lovely gift without breaking the bank. Maybe pair with a bottle of wine!

@ Nordies: fresh Soap

Antica Farmacista Candle | $46

I remembering buying this brand on 30/30 when I worked at Neiman Marcus. It sure helped when I paid 1/2 price but this is a high quality home fragrance worth the price tag I promise!

The room diffuser is great as well —> click HERE

@ Nordies: Antica Farmacista Candle Antica Farmacista Diffuser

fresh Candle | $60

The soap I included above used to come in this fragrance – Citron de Vigne – i hope it is still available. Truly a one-of-a-kind scent that makes me happy.