Game changer for walking the dog/dogs….a handsfree leash!

I have a 75 pound Rottweiler and a 70 pound Golden Retriever and trying to walk the 2 of them on handheld leashes was a nightmare. Having a leash in each hand made it difficult to control both dogs and to keep them from getting tangled. I decided I needed to find a solution for my problem instead of bitching at my dogs all the time!

A handsfree leash wraps around the waste keeping both hands free – whoa. There is also a handle for when I need to pull one of the dogs closer. I just have 1 that I use for the rotty, it has made walking with 2 of them so much easier. Even with just 1 dog it is so great to have both hands free!

Simplify your life!

Handsfree dog leash – Amazon, $16.95

Here is a link to all Handsfree dog leashes on Amazon. OR if you are a big researcher – here is a place to find more of the best handfree leashes:

Handsfree leash